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Hill's Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Dry Dog Food-(diet adult dog food)

diet adult dog food,
My puppy loves it, July 19, 2012
Patricia Brouillette -

This is definately chihuahua puppy approved. I like the fact that there is a puppy food for smaller breeds. These are real small bites. My puppy was 2.16 lbs at 7 weeks and tiny, so having something that is small enough for him to chew. At 5.5 months old, he still enjoys it. I also like that this small bag is resealable and helps with keeping it fresh.

Vet recommended diet food, October 16, 2012
By Bracha (Texarkana, Texas United States) -

My dog is sick and on prednisone. The vet recommended this food because of weight gain from the prednisone. My Yorkie Loved it! I was really surprised. He eats every bite. It's really tiny pieces so its easy for a tiny dog to eat. I mixed a bit of his old food with it at first and gradually lower the amount of his older food. Now he is just eating this food. That way there's no stomach upset from drastically changing his diet. I would definitely recommend this food for weight loss and it was neurology vet approved.

Lucy loves this food!, December 8, 2011
Lucy Claire -

Decent price - dog eats this food like she's never eaten before in her life. It can be hard to find this type in stores.

Great product!, May 16, 2010
Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small & Toy Breed dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition to meet your small breed dog's special needs.It is the only brand with an exclusive blend of clinically proven antioxidants.This formula is specially designed to boost immune defenses and support the long life expectancy of small and toy breed dogs.
There a myths that allergies are caused by ingredients such as corn but that is not the case. To say that something is a filler would imply it has no nutritional value; when in fact corn is a superb source of nutrients. There is a misconception that whole corn is used - in fact the corn is baked and is much like ground corn you buy. When cooked it is highly digestible.We hear many concerns about by-products in pet food. We need to understand how they are defined and what they really are and what is their nutrient value.
By-products is really a play on words. Virtually all ingredients in pet foods are by-products. No one for example uses real chicken breasts as we know it.It's neck and backs of a chicken.
Another common myth is that meat should always be the first ingredient, inferring that if that was the case, there would be more meat than anything else in the food. Often the carbohydrates levels are higher than the meats because of the way they are listed in the ingredient panel.Meat first is often the first ingredient only to please the consumer look st the ash levels and mositure levels, and ingreident spliting.

I have fed Science Diet to my two dogs and I am very happy with the results. They love the food, it seems to have a good nutrient profile, my dogs have not had any gas or loose stool, in fact the clean up has been minimal so far, poop is much smaller and less of it that ever! I keep searching the yard with the scooper several times a day and there just isn't much to clean up! I can honestly say that they are going HALF as much as they were before! I never would have believed it, considering that there is a considerable amount of corn in these formulas.
My dogs were itching, had greasy coats and dandruff all at the same time! I was frustrated and worried for them...after a relatively short time, one of the dogs has virtually stopped itching and the other has decreased her itching intensity.

I do wish the food was less expensive.

THIS BAG IS HUGE..., March 29, 2013
Desarae "Designer. Aviation Enthusiast. Fitne... (QUINCY, WA, United States) -

Puppy seems to like this product which is important to me. The bag is VERY large compared to the rest but I like being able to subscribe to it.

Very good, May 8, 2010
Michelle M. Bashem (Aurora, IL United States) -

I bought this for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she just loves it. The bits are small and very easy for her to chew.

December 3, 2013
Mishieru -
I have a very picky small dog. Normally she eats solid gold brand dog food, but we keep Hill's science in stock also for those times when we run out of the solid gold. I've tried many brands and this is the only backup brand that my picky dog would touch. So it seems to be a good one!

Adore this food for my Cavaliers!!!, November 4, 2013
LookingForComfort (Charleston, SC) -
I have used this food for my first Cavalier and for the 2 that I have now. They all love it. I know they say that meat should always be the first ingredient, but those foods gave my Cavvies the runs really bad. I switched them to this and everything has been working great. The small bites of the puppy formula are great for the toy breeds tiny mouths. I'll never use another food.

Great choice for small dogs, November 2, 2013
lo lo "wut it do" (Texas) -
Been using this food for years for my yorkie and she loves it. The pieces are small enough for her small teeth to chew through. She's been healthy all her life and this is all we've ever really fed her.

Picky yorkie likes!, October 31, 2013
Tammy Halladay -

My yorkie is picky but he loved this! I like that it is healthy without the fillers and by products.

-diet adult dog food-

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