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Hill's Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Small Bites Dry Dog Food - (diet adult dog food)

diet adult dog food
healthy food for small dogs., April 6, 2013
David Thrower (Medford, MA United States)
This is the only food I buy for my dog. I have tried many others, but my dog loves this and has all of the nutrition he needs and more.

Awesome dog food, my 5 dogs love it. Cats too., December 12, 2012
Dannyrocks -
I have read bad reviews on here, but everyone has their own story. My brothers cat when on purina, kept getting urinary tract issues. My stubborn mother waited til this cat needed surgery and never kept the cat on the proper science diet formula. He has had two surgerys performed. My grandfathers dog had diebetes from a lower grade food, it got better on science diet and helped her live longer and healthier. My dogs, all 5, had blood shot whites of their eyes. I thought they were allergic to my cats. I began feeding them science diet, they all have solid stools (stools that were once almost pure liquid or soft). Their fur is growing back and their skin isnt so dry, red or irritated. Coat much more shinier and filled in. I love how my once aggressive and over hyper dogs are now calmer, healthier and happier. I can't believe a dog food, a simple change in diet, has changed my dogs temperment and life. I recommend vitamins as well, as mine take GNC vitamins once a day, no longer taking benadryll for allergies to food, and soft food like chicken and rice every couple of days. Works wonders. Hope this helps those deciding on the food. I will NEVER go back to walmart for pet food.

1star reviews are misleading, November 25, 2012
I don't know what everyone is on about, but I read the Ingredients list and the main ingredient is chicken. If I could attach a photo to prove this I would!!! Anyone know how??

This food beats any food you buy at the groceries store, the only way to have better food is to pay higher!!! Sorry but not all of us can pay top notch...

Gave SD to my corgi since 8wks old, who is living to a very ripe old age and still no signs of slowing down!! When started giving my old 8yr old heeler SD, she actually got a lot better from her past state and lived onto 15yrs... And is it really that bad that SD helps fund vets to go through school?

Also do research on YOUR PET! Some need very specific diets like my Bengal cat who is not allowed to eat SD cause of known issues in the blood line (only allowed to eat prescribed food)

My dogs love it!, December 6, 2013
Britni T Husband -
My dogs love it and they are picky eaters. They look great and act like they feel better compared to regular dog foods.

Great buy, November 16, 2013
Rich M -
The dogs love it. The price is right. It gets delivered, so I dont have to go to the store where they charge a lot more.

Perfect Dog Food, October 30, 2013
Ryan Burk (Fort Worth, TX)
We have been using this dog food for years. Our little 10 lb Pomeranian cleans her dishes every night. It didn't bother her when we switched to this brand. We've been very satisfied with Science Diet. Plan on switching to the senior version when she is old enough.

Will continue to purchase., October 24, 2013
Steven Kuehner
I have purchased several bags on line and will continue to. I have used Hill's Science diet for years for my dogs and cat. My vet also recommends it.

Perfect for my 20lb pups!, September 15, 2013
Loved this new food for my 2 terrier mixes. Not only do they like the new crunches, it is helping them eat less and therefore lose a few pounds!

Extra bonus that the kibbles are small so they don't have trouble grabbing it and it seems to have limited the "drag and drop" that made food accumulate everywhere!

Good value for Science Diet, September 4, 2013
Paula S. St Julien "pstjulien" (Boonville, MO)
This is the only dog food that my picky dog will eat! I discovered it on Amazon and I save about $7 a bag through subscribe and save from what I have to pay for it in the pet stores in my area. Plus I don't have to lug it up the steps to my house!

dog likes it, August 30, 2013
Samantha Wilson
Dog seems to like.this and have started go see a change in his coat which is what I was hoping for.
-diet adult dog food-

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