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Hill's Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dry Dog Food - (diet adult dog food)

diet adult dog food
Mobility Formula, April 2, 2013
mita's -
This was a great purchase. It works! I have a French bulldog 3 1/2 yo and she was slowing down quite a bit. I got this food in hopes she will improve and she has. Within a month of eating this food, she started jumping, going faster up and down the stairs and playing more with other dogs. I will recommend it to anybody with he same goal.

Duffy loves it!, December 6, 2012
cait -Duffy has eaten science diet for puppies and then moved to science diet advanced fitness origional when he was about 1 yr old.
He is now 10 years old, healthy and svelte. When the box comes he knows it's for him and won't leave it alone until I open it. This is an exceptional dog food and comes recommended by his veterinarian.

Perfect for our dog, June 12, 2013
Amanda Velasquez (Plano, TX)
This review is from: Hill's Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dry Dog Food, 5-Pound (Misc.)
We were paying twice as much for expensive dog food and then found this. It stopped the horrendous gas and he poops perfectly. Gross, but true.

Dog seems to like it, July 22, 2013
I personally of course have not given this a try :D But my dog seems to like it, and it keeps him healthy, or at least appears to. Very nice to have it just delivered to my front door!

Great price. Dog loves it. He has less gas too! (which I think usually means better quality...), October 8, 2013
Jesse R. Smithyman (Tallahassee, FL USA) -
Great price. Dog loves it. He has less gas too! (which I think usually means better quality...)

Packing could be of better quality, but not at all a reason to not buy it. I'll gladly take that for the significant price difference between this and the others.

Great product, July 9, 2013
Jennifer Barnardo -
My dog was a rescue and was fed Science Diet there so we continued the same diet when we brought him home. He has a beautiful, shiny coat and seems to enjoy meal time. He did have some flaky skin over the winter but now his skin is great in the summer so I don't believe his food had anything to do with that. Overall, this is a great product and I will continue to use it

So Much Better Than Beneful, July 6, 2013

J. Titak -
We looked at the ingredients on Beneful and it was BAD. So, we got Science Diet. The dogs are more active and their coats have improved.

Healthy dog food for a great price!, June 11, 2013
J Ryan (Novi, MI) -
I like to give my dogs the best food that I can afford and for the longest time I was feeding them Blue Buffalo. As it turns out, BBis the highest calorie dog food on the market and while the ingredients are in line with what I wanted for my dogs, the calories are not. So, I did a side-by-side comparison and discovered that not only is Hill's Science Diet BETTER for them, with BETTER ingredients, it is also lower calorie. Both dogs switched over with no issues. In the past, food switches have caused digestion issues or even vomiting. NOT THE CASE with Hill's Science Diet. The switch was smooth and the dogs both love it.

Best Bargain, June 3, 2013

jcaird -
This product is a wonderful bargain. We got twice as much at half the price we'd pay at a local pet supply chain. It was the type my dog was already eating, and the product used by the rescue center where we found her, so I consider that a recommendation. Overall, a great bargain for a good product. And with a prime membership, the shipping is free, so you can't beat the price or the convenience!

No problems, December 13, 2011
Brenda -
From start to finish, no problems. Item arrived as requested one day early.
My dog is healthier because he has been on SD since a pup.

-diet adult dog food-

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